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The years of hard work and monitoring the betting market helped us to create the unique product SUPER VIP PREDICTIONS. This is the very best and for professional bettors only.

We will not say that will give you fixed matches or predictions which will guarantee 100% win every single day.  But our tips have produced long-term profits over time, and although this cannot be guaranteed we will always provide fully researched tips.

What do you get?

All subscribers will receive by email at least 10 predictions during the 30-day period. They will be sent at least 2 hours before the start of the event. They will contain a match, outcome, units, odds, and bookmaker. The odds for our Super VIP predictions are always above 2.00! 

Subscription guarantee for Super VIP

  • All NEW Super VIP subscribers get a guarantee.
    If the result at the end of the subscription period is negative (ROI<100%), we offer a money-back option or a free Super VIP subscription for another 30 days.

  • ALL returning or recurring Super VIP subscribers get a guarantee as well:
    If your profit is less than 10% of your turnover (ROI<110%), we offer a free Super VIP subscription for another 30 days.

Terms and conditions

1. For calculating the result of the guarantee, only odds, stakes, predictions, and bookmakers mentioned in the email received are valid.

2. There is only a guarantee on the initial subscription and not on a subscription which is the result of a failed guarantee.

3. The guarantee is not valid when the subscription is made as a part of the promotion and this is mentioned in the news about promotion or in the email received.

4. ROI or Return of investments is calculated with the following formula:

ROI=won units/staked units*100

Please note that the Super VIP service is individual, which means that all subscribers might get completely different predictions according to their current ROI and strategy. At the end of the 30-day period, each subscriber receives detailed statistics about the performance during the month, but these stats are NOT made public.  

How much does Super VIP cost and how to subscribe?

The price for a 1-month Super VIP service is £100.

The new users must register and log-in to Pecheli.NET, then visit My account -> Subscription, select the product SUPER VIP and make the payment through PayPal (you can use all the major debit and credit cards in the PayPal system). The existing users must choose the same option under the renewal option.

Please note that the Super VIP subscription is NOT giving access to all other paid products. And all the other standard subscription plans are not giving access to the Super VIP predictions as well.

You can also get Super VIP for FREE with our current offers.

How we prepare our picks?

Our team is made not only from experienced tipsters but also from people with vast experience in the bookmakers' industry. Every day we study and follow tens and sometimes hundreds of matches. Besides the news about the teams, we follow also all the market moves and the bookies' reactions. We know what trends we must look for and what do these trends mean. Mostly it's about an unwanted risk, unwanted bets, and inside information about who is betting and why. The best of these matches are our Super VIP predictions.

Individual service

We know that we can’t guarantee everybody the same high result. It depends on when your subscription starts and how many golden days you will have in the period. Some subscribers are very lucky, some are not. The first months of our experience with Super VIP taught us that we must treat individually every customer – with the number of betting objects and of course the stake to reach the result we all want. This is the main difference between our service and the standard services of this type you can find on the Internet. We keep individual records on file for every customer and every day we are sending our picks according to the current result in the file.

Who are we?

We are not unidentified but a registered company with EU law. We have a big experience in the sports publishing business and during recent years a big part of it was focused on sports predictions. All our customers are protected as clients and their transactions on our site are protected as well.

Do you have more questions?

If you feel you still need to know some details about Super VIP, check our FAQ section and it's likely that you will find your answer there. But if you don't, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.