Pecheli Strategy

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The Pecheli Strategy


What is the Pecheli Strategy About?

The Pecheli Strategy features football predictions that you receive in your email inbox daily. The prediction count varies from 1 to 3 depending on the variety of market offers. All odds are higher than 2.00.

One round of predictions contains 3 single bets (with a specified betting amount in units) from 3 different games. The betting amount depends on the contents of the bettor’s bank. Every single bet is 1/6 of the available funds in the bank.

The Pecheli Strategy starts with a bank of 50 units. It ends when the bank reaches 500 units or when it falls below 6 units. The money equivalent of a unit depends entirely on your decision on what funds you can invest. For example, 1 unit can be equal to 1, 5, 10, 100, and so on monetary units.

How Much Does the Strategy Cost?

The price for one season of the Pecheli Strategy is £25.

How Do I Subscribe?

  1. Make an account at Pecheli.NET (if you haven’t signed up yet) and log in.
  2. Select the Pecheli Strategy subscription plan and pay the £25 fee (PayPal, debit and credit cards).
  3. You start to receive predictions from the moment you join the Pecheli Strategy until its’ end.

If the Pecheli Strategy is not successful, i.e., if the bank falls below 6 units, you will get a free subscription for the next Pecheli Strategy.

How Do I Get the Predictions?

You receive predictions by email. We send the emails to the email address you provided when registering on the Pecheli.NET website.

How Do I Keep Track of the Pecheli Strategy Balance?

You can find updates on the Pecheli Strategy balance on the daily news section of our site.



*If you haven’t signed up/logged in, the system will require you to do so.