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How to get access to Pecheli's paid predictions?

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A Regular Subscription: You get an online access to Pecheli's paid predictions

The Pecheli.NET subscribers get access to daily service of predictions, market analysis and recommended bets on all major football matches in the everyday fixtures list. The information is divided into several products and strategies:

Every day our team of professionals with vast experience in the bookmaking industry works in details on all matches and offers the following information for each of them:

  • Our prediction (based on sports factors like position, form, tradition)
  • Bookmakers expectations (analysis of all significant actions of the bookmakers as a result of market moves, received bets, accumulated risk)
  • Market moves (odds moves)
  • Recommended stake, odds and bookmaker

Check our prices and payment methods below.

A Super VIP subscription - you get top predictions via email

All Super VIP subscribers will receive by email at least 10 predictions during the 30-day period. They will be send at least 2 hours before the start of the event. They will contain match, outcome, units, odds and bookmaker. The odds for our Super VIP predictions are always above 2.00! 


Plans and prices

Regular Subscription:

Gives online access to the locked sections of the site - the Diamond picks, the Golden picks and the Pecheli Strategy. 

Access for 1 month10 EUR 

Access for 3 months25 EUR

Access for 6 months40 EUR

Access for 1 year70 EUR

Super VIP Subscription:

You get an individual strategy for 30 days, during which you shall receive 10+ top predictions via e-mail.

Super VIP predictions via email (1 month) – 100 EUR

How to sign up and Payment methods

Register and log-in to Pecheli.NET. You will be able to subscribe via the panel My account -> Subscription. Pick the subscription plan you desire and you will be asked to make a payment via PayPal.

Buy now with PayPal

PayPal is a secure online payment with credit and debit cards. Signing up to PayPal itself is free - all you have to do is enter your card details in their system so the card can be used for your payment to Pecheli.NET. 

Please note that in some cases we might need to verify your payment in order to upgrade your account. Thus there might be a slight delay before your subscription becomes active.

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Subscription guarantee for Super VIP

  • All NEW Super VIP subscribers get a guarantee.
    If the result at the end of the subscription period is negative (ROI<100%), we offer a money back option or a free Super VIP subscription for another 30 days.

  • ALL returning or reccuring Super VIP subscribers get a guarantee as well:
    If you profit is less than 10% of your turnover (ROI<110%), we offer a free Super VIP subscription for another 30 days.

Terms and conditions

1. For calculating the result of the guarantee, only odds, stakes, predictions and bookmakers mentioned in the email received are valid.

2. There is only a guarantee on the initial subscription and not on a subscription which is result of a failed guarantee.

3. The guarantee is not valid when the subscription is made as a part of promotion and this is mentioned in the news about promotion or in the email received.

4. ROI or Return of investments is calculated with the following formula:

ROI=won units/staked units*100

Please note that all odds are correct at time of publishing (there is a date and timestamp showing when the odds were published) and are subject to change. All kick-off times and updates are in Central European Time (CET). 
A new day starts at exactly 05:00 AM.