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#Ad: The content below includes Paid Promotion. 

Become a new active client at bwin via Pecheli’s link, and get a subscription for The Pecheli Strategy* for FREE!

The Pecheli Strategy Offer

Get FREE access to one of our most popular services – The Pecheli Strategy Subscription PlanThe Pecheli Strategy features football predictions that you receive in your email inbox daily. The predictions count varies from 1 to 3 depending on the variety of market offers. All odds are higher than 2.00. One round of predictions contains 3 single bets (with a specified betting amount in units) from 3 different games. The betting amount depends on the contents of the bettor’s bank. Every single bet is 1/6 of the available funds in the bank. The Pecheli Strategy starts with a bank of 50 units. It ends when the bank reaches 500 units or when it falls below 6 units.

How to claim the offer?


You must be over 18 years of age and you must not have a bwin account yet.


Follow these simple steps:

1. Get a free Pecheli.NET account (REGISTER HERE, if you haven’t already).

2. Open an account** at bwin VIA THIS LINK or by clicking any of the bwin banners on the website

 It’s a good practice to delete your browser “cookies” before clicking on our bwin links.  

3.  After making an initial deposit and your first bet** at bwin, send an email to [email protected].
The email should be titled The Pecheli Strategy Offer 2023 and must contain:

1) your Pecheli.NET username
2) your country of residence
3) the exact date on which you signed up to bwin

4. If you are eligible for this offer, we will contact you back. Please note that confirmation is not automatic and may take a couple of days.

*If you get The Pecheli Strategy as a FREE bonus, you will NOT be eligible to receive the regular guarantee –  a free subscription for the next Pecheli Strategy. 

**bwin’s Terms & Conditions Apply. 

This offer is 18+ only. Gamble Responsibly. This offer is administered by Pecheli.NET. This offer is NOT administered by bwin.
Pecheli.NET reserves the right to change or cancel the offer at any time. 

For any questions regarding this offer, please contact the Pecheli.NET team via [email protected].