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    Excellent month for our predictions (Oct 1st)

    September was a good month for our picks in the subscription section. The Diamond and Golden picks both made a profit of +43 units. What happened yesterday confirmed that in addition to good predictions, there must be a careful selection. Amongst all the surprises, the Diamond picks recorded two wins (SV Ried and Boluspor) and one loss (Sporting Kansas City), with a total profit of  +1.9 units.

    5 Diamond picks today (Sept 29th)

    It's an extremely difficult betting day as there are no good offers in the most popular games on the market. Today we offer 5 Diamond picks as well as 9 Golden picks for our subscribers. Super VIP subscribers receive one prediction.

    Excellent opportunities hidden in the rich match program (Sept. 26th)

    Our tipsters found some excellent opportunities in the rich matchday program today. 2 Diamond picks and 8 Golden picks are available in the subscription section after yesterday's success in the Cup tournaments. Yesterday's Diamond picks made only one mistake in 5 games and recorded +9.5 units of profit, as the profit of the month has reached +24.66 units. The Golden picks had +2.01 units profit and a total of +46.94 units profit for the month so far.

    Huge success for the Diamond and Golden picks yesterday (Sept 23rd)

    We had, as expected, a great day of profits yesterday. Both the Diamonds and Golden picks made great results. The Diamond picks profit was +24.06 units, and the Golden picks made +26.75 units. Today we offer 6 Diamond picks and 11 Golden picks, and Super VIP subscribers receive 1 prediction.