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    Wide selection for punters: 13 Diamond picks today (Jan 4th)

    There are as many as 13 Diamond picks in the subscription section today, which means a plenty of excellent market opportunities for bettors. The rich day program also offers one prediction for Super VIP subscribers.

    New picks from top African leagues (Jan 3rd)

    In 2020 we will be implementing plenty of improvements and changes to Pecheli.NET. One of the novations comes in the form of exclusive predictions from some championships in Africa. Some increasingly popular leagues will find their place in our daily picks. We start with 4 leagues from Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa and Ghana. They are an added bonus to the picks from Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco and Egypt's championships. The first picks will be available from Jan 3rd.

    A profitable start of the year (Jan 2nd)

    The beginning of the year was more than successful for Pecheli's tipsters. Our single Diamond pick on January 1st proved to be profitable (with rather impressive odds). We correctly predicted Southampton's win against Tottenham, which got us +9.6 units in the bag. The Golden picks brought in a total profit of +10.9 units for the day. All our predictions for Jan 1st recorded a profit of +18.9 units.

    1 Diamond pick and 10 Golden picks on the 1st day of the year

    The start of the year traditionally offers plenty of matches in the various English leagues and the day promises a rather difficult and strange market. In the subscription section we offer only one Diamond pick which can be combined with 10 Golden picks.