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4 Diamond picks today (Dec. 26th)

Boxing Day is known for its high odds in England thus our focus goes there in the otherwise rich Saturday program. We have analysed and predicted a total of 155 matches. In the free section Today's matches and predictions you can find a total of 25 recommended predictions The paid section contains the best for the day. There are 4 Diamond picks and 10 Golden picks. Super VIP subscribers receive one prediction.


3 Diamond picks today (Dec. 11th)

The best offers for today are our 3 Diamond picks in the subscription section. You can find out all about them with a standard subscription or via one of our current Promotions. In total, today we offer predictions for 112 matches.


4 Diamond picks today, as yesterday was a successful day (Dec. 8th)

Yesterday the excellent form of our tipsters continued with 10 out of 13 winning picks (+14.54 units profit). Today we offer 4 Diamond picks in the paid section, as well as 16 Golden picks. In Today's matches and predictions there are a total of 108 matches, and the recommended predictions are 37.


Huge success for the Diamond picks yesterday (Dec. 7th)

The Pecheli.NET experts had a great success with the Diamond picks over the past day, resulting in a positive balance of 16.56 units. We got 4 out of 4 games right, namely the games of Dynamo Moscow, Bayer Leverkusen, Napoli and Olympique Lyonnais.


An abundance of tips today: 14 Diamond picks available (Nov. 28th)

This late November Saturday is offering a very rich market for bettors. There are 14 Diamond picks available for subscribers only.  In our section "Today's matches and predictions" you can enjoy free access to 244 matches as there are 51 recommended predictions.


Huge success with ALL predictions yesterday (Nov. 26th)

The Pecheli tipsters had a huge success yesterday as they got 12 out of 13 picks right with an overall profit of +30.17 units. Today, there are 3 Diamond picks and 3 Golden picks available for paid subscribers only.


Huge success for the Diamond and Golden picks yesterday (Nov. 18th)

The Pecheli experts achieved an impressive success with the paid Diamond picks and Golden picks over the past day. Out of a total of 18 predicted matches, we have 14 winning picks a positive balance of +26.30 units. Today we have 4 Golden picks available to paid subscribers.


2 Super VIP predictions and 5 Diamond picks today (Oct. 25th)

The best opportunities this Sunday conclude in 2 Super VIP predictions and 5 Diamond picks. A total of 213 matches have been analysed by our tipsters, and there are 39 recommended picks.


7 Diamond picks, 5 Golden picks and 3 Super VIP predictions today (Oct. 20th)

7 Diamond picks, 5 Golden picks and 3 Super VIP predictions via email - this is the best we offer to our subscribers today. A total of 119 matches have been predicted, with 23 recommended picks on site.


70 predicted games today, 1 Diamond pick (Oct. 19th)

We have a rich Monday program today (unlike any given Mondays), and we analyse many championships. Thus our tipsters offer 70 match predictions and 8 recommended picks. There is 1 Diamond pick in the subscription section.