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Reasons to subscribe to Pecheli (Mar 30th)

It was the only way to get access to the indisputable Winner prediction for Mar 29th - the Javor Ivanjica victory over FK Novi Pazar (Jelen Superliga, Serbia). This excellent betting pick was included in our Super VIP service, as well as our Diamond picks. Moreover, we recommended to our subscribers one of the greatest odds possible.     


The Diamond picks - Always a winner

Our Subscriber-Only Diamond picks have become the betting hit of the year! Ever since last December these picks, which are the cream of our daily work, have been nothing but success! For December, January and February the Diamond picks profit was respectively +10.71, +23.13 and +12.57 units. During March, which may turn out to be one of our most successful months with +118.41 units profit from the Consultant section, the Diamond picks have turned a remarkable +19.53 profit. A regular subscription to Pecheli allows access to the Diamond picks section.


Start anew! On Mar 29-30th Save 170 EUR - get Super VIP and a 1-year subscription for FREE

Start anew this weekend! Become a new client of, make your first deposit and let us gift you a 1-month Super VIP and 1-year regular subscription to Pecheli, to help you with your betting strategy! Learn more about the promotion here


"Consultant" will be SUBSCRIBERS ONLY during the weekend (Mar 29-30th)

During the Mar 29-30th weekend, the product "Consultant" is available to PAID SUBSCRIBERS ONLY. You need to register and subscribe to our services in order to get access to the predictions and the recommended bets. The minimum subscription required is a 24-hours SMS subscription, available to customers from Bulgaria, Macedonia and Serbia. The current balance for March breaks a record: +118.41 units.


Save 170 EUR this weekend! Get Pecheli 1-month Super VIP and 1-year regular subscription FOR FREE

Begin your weekend the best possible way and take advantage of the exclusive enhanced promotion run by Pecheli and 1) During the Mar 22-23rd weekend, register, make a deposit and place your first bet at, one of the world’s leading online gambling companies, via the link we provide. 2) Send your bet365 username to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. document.getElementById('cloake47ee9625b682308413a195ee03636f5').innerHTML = ''; var prefix = 'ma' + 'il' + 'to'; var path = 'hr' + 'ef' + '='; var addye47ee9625b682308413a195ee03636f5 = 'subscription' + '@'; addye47ee9625b682308413a195ee03636f5 = addye47ee9625b682308413a195ee03636f5 + 'pecheli' + '.' + 'net'; var addy_texte47ee9625b682308413a195ee03636f5 = 'subscription' + '@' + 'pecheli' + '.' + 'net';document.getElementById('cloake47ee9625b682308413a195ee03636f5').innerHTML += ''+addy_texte47ee9625b682308413a195ee03636f5+''; in order for us to confirm your eligibility. Confirmation is not automatic and may take up to 3 days. 3) Get two of the most popular products - Super VIP and 1-year regular subscription - for FREE (regular prize 170 EUR).  Terms & Conditions apply. Read more


Why follow Pecheli's website (Mar 17th)

Because on Sunday, as a matter of course, we got all of our FREE football predictions right.  


Pecheli FB Contest: Predict the goalscorer, win a subsription!

Enter the new Facebook contest, run by and sponsored by!  Predict who will score the opening goal of the Champions League clash between Manchester City  and Barcelona (18/02/2014) and you may win one of seventeen great prizes, including a Super VIP Subscription (worth 100 EUR)! Read more


Why follow Pecheli's website (Feb 5th)

...Because our FREE daily picks (backed with solid analysis), had a 100% success rate on Feb 3rd and Feb 4th. Yes, this includes our "Surprise of the day" predictions!


Why follow Pecheli's website (Feb 3rd)

Pecheli's tipsters achieved a spectacular 100% success with 4 out of 4 Diamond picks won from this Sunday (Feb 2nd)! They have brought a profit of 13.56 units.  In the past two months, the Diamond picks proved to be nothing but successful!


A strong January for the Diamond picks

Just like December, January proved to be a winning month for the Diamond picks. 8 out of 12 days with published Diamond picks were successful. The bottom line is a sum of profit +23.18 units. Today is the start of the February Diamond picks, as they are available for users with regular subscription.