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Many opportunities at the end of the season (Apr. 17th)

The football season is entering its final phase for most championships, and today is full of opportunities as there are some quite interesting matches. In the subscription section, you can find as many as 13 Diamond picks, and Super VIP subscribers receive 3 predictions. The Pecheli Strategy, another of our products via email subscription, has also been updated.


9 Diamond picks today (Mar. 25th)

An international break rarely offers many opportunities, but today is an exception! We offer as many as 9 Diamond picks in the subscription section, and the Pecheli Strategy has been updated.


4 Diamond picks today (Mar. 21st)

There are 4 Diamond picks available today on a day that is significantly poorer than usual on weekends. But there are quite interesting choices among them. They are complemented by 7 Golden picks. The Pecheli Strategy has also been updated with picks by email.


More success for The Pecheli Strategy (Mar. 20th)

The successful series of The Pecheli Strategy continues. In the last round, it recorded a profit of 8.5 units, bringing the total profit to more than 23 units. The exact hits were for Chlef in Algeria and Dynamo Dresden in Germany. Today their subscribers receive 3 new predictions. There are 7 Diamond picks today.


Great success for all our sections with predictions (Mar. 18th)

Our tipsters achieved some fantastic goals in the past day! In the Diamond picks section we got 4 out of 5 picks right and achieved a balance of +11.89 units. Out of 8 given Golden picks, we had 6 winning selections with a total profit of +12.05 units for the day. In the free section Today's matches and predictions we got 20 out of 29 predicted matches with a total positive balance of +25.76.


3 out of 3 for The Pecheli Strategy (Mar. 17th)

The Pecheli Strategy went strong with 3 out of 3 winning predictions, which subscribers receive by email for only £10 for the whole cycle of predictions. The goal of the Strategy is a net profit of 500 units, and now is the time to get involved, because it is gaining momentum. The profit is 14.86 units at the moment, and yesterday's hits were at Cremonese, Watford, and Middlesbrough. We also must note the 100% success for the only Diamond picks yesterday (Cremonese), and today there are as many as 5 Diamond picks and 1 Super VIP prediction.


Top rules of responsible betting

Pecheli.NET's team is committed to responsible gaming. When we publish predictions we are aware that some of the customers might have problems gambling. Therefore we offer a few important rules to stick with so your gaming is for entertainment purposes only and it does not become a problem gambling. If you choose to gamble, do so for entertainment purposes. Treat the money you lose as the cost of your entertainment. Set a money limit and stick to it. Set a time limit and stick to it. Expect to lose. Don’t use your credit card to gamble. Create balance in your life. Don’t increase your betting to make up for the money you lost. Don’t use gambling as a way to cope with stress, loneliness, or depression. Educate yourself about problem gambling.


9 Diamond picks and 2 Super VIP picks today (Mar. 13th)

9 Diamond picks and 2 Super VIP picks are the best content the Pecheli subscribers receive today. Once again we offer a Pecheli Strategy pick after correctly predicting the match Khimki vs. Rostov yesterday (huge odds!), which was part of the free email predictions.  The total profit from yesterday's predictions at Today's matches and predictions equals 19.94 units, and 5.25 units are the profit of the Diamond picks, proposed for the day.


6 Diamond picks await (Mar. 12th)

The day is full of opportunities, and it offers 6 Diamond picks. There are also 9 Golden picks available for our subscribers. Meanwhile, the subscribers of The Pecheli Strategy, our legendary product, receive three new predictions by email.


Excellent success (Mar 8th)

Our tipsters achieved an impressive strike yesterday! In the Diamond picks section, we predicted 4 out of 5 picks and achieved a balance of +11.04 units. Out of 14 Golden picks, 10 came out with a total profit of +12.13 units for the day. Today, 2 Diamond picks and 6 Golden picks are available to paid subscribers.