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3 out of 4 winning Diamond picks, a new pick today (Aug. 1st)

Yesterday we were more than successful with our Diamond picks as we got 3 out of 4 of them right, with a profit of +12.72 units. We predicted correctly the matches from America - two Mexican games (Monterey and Atlas) and one Brazilian game (Bragantino). The mistake was made was with St Johnstone F.C. in Scotland, where the team missed a penalty. Today we offer only one Diamond pick on a seemingly richer day than yesterday. There are 13 Golden picks, and The Pecheli Strategy has been updated. The free section features 46 recommended predictions in a total of 170 matches.


4 Diamond picks and 13 Golden picks today (July 31st)

We offer plenty of content in both free and subscription-only sections today. You can get a standard subscription, which gives you access to 4 Diamond picks and 13 Golden picks. As many as 217 matches have been analyzed in the free section "Today's matches and predictions". Among them, there are 53 recommended predictions.


Plenty of predictions today (July 30th)

Today we have selected 4 Diamond picks and 3 Golden picks, which are at the disposal of the paid subscribers. Meanwhile, available to everyone in the free "Today's matches and predictions" section, there are 35 games predicted.


100% success for the paid picks yesterday (July 24th)

During the past day, we achieved 100% success in the paid sections. Today, we have 1 Diamond pick and 6 Golden picks available to paid subscribers. In the free "Today's matches and predictions" section you can find 55 predictions from 179 matches.


An excellent performance yesterday (July 19th)

The Pecheli team has once again achieved excellent results. In the paid Golden picks section we got 8 out of 11 picks and a balance of +13.27 units, as well as 1 out of 1 Diamond pick with a balance of +4.96. There is 1 Diamond pick and one Golden pick available to the paid subscribers today.


Great success yesterday (July 17th)

The Pecheli's tipsters achieved some excellent results over the past day. In the free section "Today's matches and predictions" we got 15 out of 18 predictions right and finished the day with a profit of +35.87 units. In the paid section we got 5 out 5 Golden picks, with an impressive balance of +18.48 units. There are 3 Diamond picks and 5 Golden picks available to paid subscribers today. In the free section, we have analyzed 191 matches and have made 46 predictions.


3 Diamond picks today (July 10th)

Our 3 Diamond picks are the best the market can offer today. They are available in the subscription section. The Pecheli Strategy has also been updated with one match. 103 matches have been analyzed in the free section, and out of them there are 19 recommended predictions.


Great offers today (July 8th)

Today the market is great in terms of the odds offered in several games. Obviously, the crème de la crème is in the subscription section, where there you can find 4 Diamond picks and 4 Golden picks. The Pecheli Strategy has also been updated with three matches.


A success for the Diamond picks, two new predictions today (July 7th)

Yesterday our only Diamond pick featured the Estonian team Flora from the Champions League and it had the job done with good profit. Today, the market is again dominated by the first qualifying round of the Champions League. In total, we have 2 Diamond picks in the subscription section. The Pecheli Strategy is updated with a new prediction as the first two picks on Monday were accurate.


7 out of 8 profitable picks yesterday (July 6th)

Yesterday was yet another successful and profitable day! 7 out of a total of 8 predictions in the free "Today's Matches and Predictions" section were accurate. This brought a total profit of +16.36 units at the end of the day. Today, the market is dominated by matches in the starting European tournaments. Subscribers have access to 1 Diamond pick featuring a top game.