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    Plenty of opportunities: 2 Super VIP and 4 Diamond picks today (June 16th)

    There are plenty of opportunities today, with as many as 70 matches in our Today's Matches and Predictions section. Of these, there are 19 recommended picks. The best, however, is saved for the subscribers. There are 6 Diamond picks, complemented by 4 Golden picks. The Pecheli Strategy has been updated with 3 matches. Our Super VIP users receive 2 predictions.

    4 Diamond picks and a Super VIP pick (June 14th)

    We offer a wide selection of predictions today from 161 games overall. We are offering you 46 recommended picks. In the subscription section there are 4 Diamond picks and 14 Golden picks, and the super VIP subscribers receive 1 prediction. The Pecheli Strategy has been renewed with three new matches, after yesterday's 2 successful tips (Magdeburg and TPV Tampere) and one misstep (Nuremberg).

    Major football leagues are back, our tips continue to be profitable (June 13th)

    Major football leagues have their first weekend back after the start of the pandemic, so today we offer you predictions for the impressive 154 matches! Of these, we recommend you 41 picks. However, we have kept he tradition from the times of the pandemic, covering absolutely all competitive matches, without a handful of matches from low-ranking leagues that do not have elite status. In the subscription section we have 4 Diamond picks and 17 Golden picks. There is a new Super VIP prediction after yesterday's success with Trabzonspor. Trabzonspor's game was part of all three predictions in the Pecheli Strategy, two of which - successful. Hamburger SF was featured in the second prediction. Today, the Pecheli Strategy is updated with three new predictions.

    100% success for the Pecheli Strategy (again!), 57 games today (June 12th)

    Once again (for a second day in a row) the Pecheli Strategy has been 100% successful. Our tipsters were infallible in the proposed three matches (Hajduk, Bnei Sakhnin, C.D. Tondela). Today there are three new predictions for our subscribers. The rich program for the day offers 57 matches, which we have reviewed in detail. In the subscription section you can find 4 Golden picks. Yesterday's only Diamond pick (Sevilla) was also profitable. Super VIP subscribers receive one prediction.