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8 Diamond picks today (Oct. 27th)

Yesterday was one of the few days since the beginning of the month in which we did not offer Diamond picks and the many surprises on that day explain why. Today, however, the market is significantly better, and in the subscription section, you can find as many as 8 Diamond picks. Since the beginning of the month and the introduction of the new algorithm, we have had 128 winning Diamond picks out of 164 and a total profit of +105.08 units.


Strong results on Saturday (Oct. 24th)

On Saturday yet again we achieved some strong results from our predictions, and that shows their quality. With 222 predictions, we achieved a profit of +86.99 units. Such a thing is almost unthinkable when you have to predict practically every game. And this is what we offer on - predictions for each and every match of the championships in Europe and South America, as well as selected predictions from other leagues. Such an approach almost always brings a negative overall result and, while it's good for the separate selections. All this shows the reliability of our new algorithm, which we have started practicing in October. Our correct picks are 149 plus 10 returned, which shows an incredible success rate of 71%!
The Diamond picks result in October so far is 115 correct...


100% success for our predictions yet again (Oct. 23rd)

The great series for the subscription section continues. Yesterday's 3 Diamond picks turned out to be profitable (Radomiak, Lech, Sampdoria). They brought a total of +11.81 units profit.
The balance for the month is more than impressive. Out of 22 days, we didn't offer Diamond picks in only 3 of them. We got 102 out of 127 predictions right, which equals 80% success. It brought exactly +118 units of profit. In 8 out of the 18 in which there are Diamond picks we have 100% success, and in two of the cases we have proposed 8 predictions. Only 5 days have a negative balance, and in three of them, it is insignificant (less than 3 units).
The Pecheli Strategy also scored 3 out of 3 yesterday with the proposed predictions - Sampdoria, Loko Plovdiv vs. CSKA 1948 and Sibenik vs. Slaven (both...


8 out of 8 profitable Diamond picks yesterday (Oct. 22nd)

The exclusive profitable series of the Diamond picks continues after the introduction of the new algorithm in early October. Yesterday we were 100% successful with 8 out of 8 correct picks for our subscribers. We made no mistake in the predictions of the games of LASC, Stade Rennais, Qarabağ, Real Sociedad, Napoli, AZ Alkmaar, Basel, Hermanos Colmenarez. Today, subscribers receive 3 Diamond picks. The 3 picks from the Pecheli Strategy were also 100% successful yesterday - these were Real Sociedad, LASK, Qarabağ. With yesterday's profit of +29.58 units, the total profit so far of the Pecheli Strategy is +81,835 units.


A 100% success rate for the Golden picks again! (Oct. 15th)

Yesterday we got 5 out of 5 Golden picks right (again) and ended the day with a positive balance of +17.46 units. There are 3 Diamond picks and 8 Golden picks available to paid subscribers today.


100% success rate for the Golden picks (Oct. 14th)

We have had an excellent success rate in predictions since the beginning of October. Yesterday we got 2 out of 2 Golden picks right, which brings the subscribers +8.35 units of profit. There are 3 Diamond picks and 5 Golden picks available to paid subscribers today.


100% wins for the Diamond picks (Oct. 13th)

We continue with our solid series predictions after the introduction of the new algorithm in early October. Yesterday we got 5 out of 5 Diamond picks right (100% wins), which brought +14.37 units of profit to our subscribers.
For yet another day, the result of "Today's matches and predictions" is positive, despite the fact that we predict absolutely every match of the top competitions. We had 30 out of 44 predictions right, plus 3 returned Asian handicaps. This only shows how with strong predictions and control over the size of the recommended bet, a good result can be achieved, regardless of the championship.
Of course, the most important is which picks to choose and that is why we offer that selection in our subscription plans.
Before the upcoming weekend, there is an excellent...


Profit for our paid predictions (Oct. 12th)

Yesterday we made a profit with our paid predictions yet again. The Diamond picks mark a profit of +4.17 units with 3 out of 4 winning predictions. As for the Golden picks, we gave an accurate prediction for 6 out of 8 games. Today, 4 Golden picks and 5 Diamond picks are available to our subscribers.


The successful series continues (Oct. 11th)

Our successful series of predictions continued on Sunday, with 32 out of 49 predictions profitable (+1 returned Asian handicap). This again brought an impressive total profit of +32.69 units and it shows why Pecheli.NET is your indispensable guide for football predictions on a daily basis.
The picks we made for the subscribers were once again very successful. Yesterday we got 3 out of 3 Diamond picks right with a total profit of +12.06 units (Internacional, Costa Rica and Mexico). The Pecheli Strategy was very successful as well, focusing on the Uruguayan league on both weekends. There we got 5 out of 6 picks right, including 3 out of 3 on Sunday (Boston River, Liverpool Montevideo and Nacional).
All this is due to the improved prediction algorithm, which we have been using for...


Winning picks yet again (Oct. 10th)

We continue our strong series of winning predictions, as many of them are without any online competition. Saturday was profitable again, despite the fact that we predicted absolutely every match of the top competitions. We got 66 out of 100 predictions right (and 3 returns), which brings a total profit of +26,805 units.
Even more impressive are the predictions for subscribers. For the Diamond picks, available with a standard subscription, we have 8 out of 8 profitable picks and a total profit of +21.39 units! We got right the games of Olimpia Honduras, Ghana, Sweden, Penarol, Switzerland, Poland to win both halves, Senegal, Morocco. We also had a profitable day for the Pecheli Strategy with 2 out of 3 correct predictions for the matches from Uruguay.
Today we offer 49 free...