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5 out of 6 winning Diamond picks yesterday (Sept 14th)

Yesterday our tipsters had a huge success in the paid sections. 5 out of 6 Diamond picks paid off, as well as 11 out of 12 Golden picks. Today we offer 4 new Diamond picks and 5 new Golden picks.

Great success for our Super VIP subscribers (Sept 13th)

Our Super VIP product was more than successful yesterday. All active Super VIP subscribers got a tip via email - the Harrogate Town A.F.C. game in the English League 2 (odds started at 2.60). Today we offer two new Super VIP predictions.

Super VIP's winning series continue, a fresh pick today (Sept. 6th)

Coventry's victory against MK Dons yesterday brought us the third consecutive success in Super VIP for the last two days. Today we offer a new Super VIP prediction to the subscribers. Site subscribers receive 4 Diamond picks on a relatively rich day.

4 Diamond picks and 1 Super VIP pick today

A handicap prediction featuring the team of Sud America turned out to be a consecutive Super VIP profitable choice, and the match itself was offered yesterday as a free email prediction. Today there is a new Super VIP pick. We also offer 4 Diamond picks in the subscription section.

2 out of 2 winning Super VIP picks yesterday, 1 new pick today (Sept 4th)

Yesterday was a great day for our Super VIP subscribers - they got 2 out of 2 very profitable picks. The success came with the victories of Wales in the League of Nations and US Orléans in the French League Nacional. Today we offer a new Super VIP prediction. In the subscription section you can also find 5 Diamond picks.

Plenty of predictions today, including 4 Diamond picks and 2 Super VIP picks (Sept 3rd)

There are plenty of predictions today, although the program has seemed a bit poor. Our website subscribers have access to 4 Diamond picks and 4 Golden picks. Super VIP subscribers receive 2 picks via email.

Good opportunities for our subscribers (Aug 27th)

Today our paid subscribers have access to 4 Diamond picks and 3 Golden picks.

3 Super VIP picks today (Aug 22nd)

We offer 3 Super VIP predictions to the subscribers on a full of opportunities day. In the paid section there are 2 Diamond picks as well as 14 Golden picks.

Lack of games, lack of opportunities today (Aug 18th)

It's a slow betting day with 1 Diamond pick shining through for our subscribers.

Our Golden picks did good yesterday (Aug 16th)

Yesterday (August 15) we got 5 out of 6 Golden picks right with a positive balance of 14.84 units. Today our subscribers have access to 6 Golden picks and 1 Diamond pick.