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Last weekend turned out to be perfect for our subscribers only Diamond picks. On Saturday we got 5 out of 5 Diamond picks right with a profit of +19.03 units, and on Sunday we got 7 out of 8 with a profit of +15.88 units. With these results, the excellent statistics for December continue. We got 77 out of 99 predictions right (a 77% success rate). The profit for the month is +79.06 units. In 19 days we have 8 days with 100% success, and we had 2 days without Diamond picks. There are no Diamond picks today, but 4 Golden picks are available.
We offer 3 Diamond picks today in the otherwise very unimpressive market. We got 4 out of 5 Diamond picks right yesterday, including the games of Dinamo Zagreb, Legia, Rangers and Celtic, which brought a total profit of +3.5 units. This month's result for the Diamond picks is  62 out of 82 picks predicted right (75%) and a total profit of +46.85 units. In 6 of 15 days, we have a success rate of 100%, and for 2 days we didn't have any Diamond picks proposed.
The Diamond picks' success continues and our profit for the month is growing. Yesterday our tipsters got 15 out of 18 predictions right, with a profit of +29.12 units. Thus, the total is 37 out of 45 winning predictions and a profit of +53.67 units. Our success rate is 82%. Today in the subscription section you can find 2 Diamond picks. The success of the Pecheli Strategy is also impressive, with the profit exceeding +160 units so far after we got 2 out of 3 picks right yesterday. One of them was a real gem - Fiorentina's victory over Bologna as a guest with odds of 2.50. Today, the Pecheli Strategy has been updated with 3 new predictions.
The Pecheli.NET team is committed to responsible gaming. When we publish predictions we are aware that some of the customers might have problem gambling. Therefore we offer 10 Golden rules to stick with so your gaming is for entertainment purposes only and it does not become a problem gambling. If you choose to gamble, do so for entertainment purposes. Treat the money you lose as the cost of your entertainment. Set a money limit and stick to it. Set a time limit and stick to it. Expect to lose. Don’t use your credit card to gamble. Create balance in your life. Don’t increase your betting to make up for the money you lost. Don’t use gambling as a way to cope with stress, loneliness, or depression. Educate yourself about problem gambling.
December is off to a great start for our predictions after the controversial November. Once again, we hit 100% success rate for the Diamond picks with 6 out of 6 correct predictions. The short-term profit is +17.12 units. The Pecheli Strategy offered solid picks as well. There we have 3 out of 3 profitable tips (including the games of Monaco, Troyes, and Montpellier (to win one half)). Today we offer 3 Diamond picks to our subscribers.