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Футболна топка, пълна с пари
The last weekend before the start of the first championships begins relatively slowly - we offer 1 Diamond pick in the subscription section. Yesterday we also provided 1 Diamond pick, which was the right one, however - the victory of Independiente de la Valle in the Copa Sudamericana (+5.28 units of profit). The day was profitable overall with 14 out of 19 winning bets and +17.93 units of profit. Today we cover 43 matches in "Today's Matches and Predictions" and they contain 27 recommended betting picks.
Футболна топка - пачки с евро
With yesterday's correct pick for Toronto - Columbus (2) at odds 2.8, Super VIP is in a deadly series of 4 consecutive profitable predictions. The previous three predictions were Botafogo - Fluminense (2) at 2.45, Tolima - Atletico Nacional (1) at 2.00, and Sirius - IFC Gothenburg (2) at 2.62. Today, subscribers get access to 1 Diamond pick and 5 Golden picks, which opens many possibilities, considering the relatively poor program. In "Today's matches and predictions" we offer 31 matches with 19 recommended bets.
Yesterday we got 2 out of 2 winning Super VIP picks with excellent odds (the victories of Fluminense and Tolima). Both matches were also part of the Pecheli Strategy. The Diamond picks brought a modest profit of 1 unit as we got 7 out of 11 predictions right.  Today the market is poorer, and yet we offer 1 Super VIP prediction. We are also aggressively attacking the bookies with 4 new Diamond picks. In "Today's matches and predictions" we have analyzed 45 matches and we offer 20 recommended predictions.
Saturday's few games between two active seasons provide good opportunities today. We have a total of 56 predictions in the free section "Today's matches and predictions", where we have analyzed 82 matches. There is a total of 3 Diamond picks and as many as 10 Golden picks in the subscription section. The Pecheli Strategy has been updated, and Super VIP subscribers have also received 1 prediction, which is expected to be the best selection of the day.
We offer as many as 25 recommended predictions out of 31 games from today's poor program. The reason is that we also have matches with two predictions, one of which is with the "Bet Builder" option at bet365, where different bets are combined in one match. The slow betting day does not interfere with the good tips in the subscribers-only section. There we offer 2 Diamond picks and 3 Golden picks. The Pecheli Strategy has been updated, and Super VIP subscribers get one prediction via email. Yesterday we got 2 out of 2 winning Diamond picks. Gefle and Al Hilal brought a total of +8.35 units of profit.
Today we have an extremely poor market with few opportunities. We offer 50 matches in "Today's matches and predictions", which include 12 recommended bets. The highlight of the day is undoubtedly the Saudi Professional League with two rounds remaining and intrigue for the battle for the title and for the battle for a relegation safety. Historical teams are involved, and this is a prerequisite for very good offers. The subscription section contains 2 Diamond picks and 4 Golden picks.
Today there are plenty of games to pick, despite the summer break for most championships. We have analyzed 83 matches in Today's matches and predictions and there is a total of 35 recommended bets in them. The Norwegian Cup will attract a lot of attention with seemingly easy matches, but first, take a look at our Blacklisted matches section! Subscribers receive a very good Super VIP prediction today at a time when predictions of such excellent odds are rare. The Pecheli Strategy has been updated and we also offer 3 Diamond picks. Yesterday was a slow betting day, but it brought success to our tipsters with 2 out of 3 winning Golden picks (+3.1 units of profit). Yesterday's cumulative result was 17 out of 24 winning free predictions with +9.74 units of profit.