Get top Euro 2016 predictions via e-mail for 30 EUR only!

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Get top Euro 2016 predictions via e-mail for 30 EUR only!

Take advantage of the incredible Euro Super VIP promotion of Pecheli.NET. Get expert predictions on each and every Euro 2016 game via e-mail! Our team will send you the most attractive odds and offers available on the day of each Euro 2016 clash. The pro tips you shall receive rely on extensive research and various sports and market indicators. 

This amazing subscription package only costs 30 EUR* and includes all games of the Euro 2016! 

To claim this offer, please register or log in to your account, then select “My Account -> Subscription” from the menu on the left (screenshot). Press the button “Add/Renew subscription”, tick the Super VIP plan and enter code EURO2016 in the code field.

The offer is valid through July 8th 2016, 21:59:59 GMT. Sign up before Jun 10th in order not to miss any Euro 2016 games.

*The Euro Super VIP plan does NOT come with a ROI guarantee. 

If you DO NOT enter the promo code, you will sign up for the regular Super VIP service, which costs 100 EUR.

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