First goalscorer betting tips from expert 188BET

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First goalscorer betting tips from expert 188BET

The first goal is one of the simplest and most complex bets. You can combine it with other bet types at site betting 188BET. If the player you choose to score first will win! Any player can score the first goal, from the experts of free kick and dead ball, to the strikers.

The first goal bet works alone or in combination with other bets via Wincast or Scorecast bets. As part of your overall strategy, you can improve your odds at betting 188BET and increase your chances of winning. If you bet on a player to score first, you will win the bet if he scores against any other player. This is one of the simplest and most popular bet types.

Looking for tips and predictions for the first scorer of each match? You will find them in the article below!

What is a First Goalscorer Bet?

The bet for the first scorer is extremely understandable and it’s hard to believe for the betting market where you bet on a specific player that you think will score the first goal in the match. That means your bet will only pay if that specific player scores the first goal in the game. Follow site review betting BET88 said  Bet on the first target is a great way to increase your odds when you get higher odds than the target bet anytime. Virtually every bookmaker offers betting options for the first scorers these days, and this is one of the most popular online betting and bookmaker markets. Although easy to understand, the bet has extremely high profitability.

First Goalscorer Betting Strategy and Tips:

There are a few things you want to keep in mind when betting on the first goalscorer. Value when betting on the first goal: You will want to give the best odds when you bet on Mbappe, Mane or Aguero hitting that net first. Considering the less obvious, you can get more value by favoring an attacking midfielder or defender to score, as they often have more favorable odds than those who attack out.

Statistics and results: You should check which players are at their best, instead of supporting a player who hasn’t scored in ten matches! That brings us injuries and suspensions. They often pave the way for any tactical changes. For example, if a defender is pushed into the central midfield position if a striker is injured and has to leave the game field due to poor performance. That changes his odds of scoring the first goal. The form of any player will be an important factor in his first goal.

The general form of teams: In a broader sense, the same applies to the general form of the Team. If the team has strong offensive power, the chance that the team will score first will be increased. Some teams are famous for scoring at the last minute or scoring early and sitting back to defend the lead. That team might be a good choice to bet on the first target. It can also significantly affect the final goal odds, in addition to the first goal scoring odds. The dead and better ball specialist is still a free-kick and free-kick defender that will provide higher odds and value.

Confrontation: Confrontation records between teams may suggest which player is more influential for some teams, so checking their confrontation record may give a cursor. Some strikers seem to be fighting against some opposition and the inferior can fight like lions to overcome odds and create discomfort.


Betting on the first scorer offers great value and when you combine with other related bets with Wincast or Scorecast, you can reap a rich dividend. Announcing players, opponents and first scorers is unlikely to help you win. With 188BET online bookmakers, you can stream games on the mobile app anytime, anywhere, which helps you stay informed about developments in the game. Unfortunately, the results of a first goal bet tend to be early in a game, so even if you win the action is over. However, by combining it with others, you can extend your entertainment and keep your hope alive until the final whistle. Good luck!