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A diamond football ball and money
02February, 2023
The profit in our products have continued yesterday. Diamond picks made a profit of 14.92 units after 6 out of 7 winning predictions. There is 100% correct picks in the Pecheli Strategy after winning on Guastatoya and Comunicaciones in Guatemala and Rennes in France. The free product Today's matches and picks is also profitable for the day - 34.66 units with 32 out of 45 correct predictions. Today you can find 3 diamond picks and an update in the Pecheli Strategy.  
Although the market is very limited due to the reduced sports calendar, today we have analysis for 85 games all from the leagues we usually offer. At the end of this weekend Pecheli will begin offering predictions from new leagues that remain operational at the time of the CoVid-19 epidemic. Today we have 1 Diamond pick and 9 Golden picks in the subscription section, and The Pecheli Strategy has been updated with two matches.
As of today, almost all matches remaining in the poor football program are available on Pecheli.NET, including games from the low leagues of Turkey, the state championships in Brazil and other new for our website championships (among them is the Nicaragua one). Pecheli.NET continues to follow its' policy of not providing match predictions for junior teams. Subscribers can find 1 Diamond pick in the subscription section, and The Pecheli Strategy has been updated
The Super VIP subscribers received a great pick yesterday - the success of the Brisbane Roar in the Australian Championship brought them profit. The same game  was also our Pick of the day. Today is an event-poor Saturday and yet predictions of 14 games are available on Pecheli. There are 2 Golden picks in the subscription section. The new championship we are analysing is Burundi.
The first championship to resume in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic is Taiwan. Traditionally, even with a poor football match program, this championship will be added to Pecheli's portfolio. Predictions will be available tomorrow and for every match day. The best predictions will be available for our subscribers. You can find each match in the section Today's matches and predictions.
Today there is a wide choice of predictions in the otherwise poor football calendar! We offer a "record" number of match analysis for this slow period - 17, of which there are 9 recommended predictions. There are 3 Diamond picks for our subscribers. The reason for the plenty of predictions is the championship in the second division of Belarus, which has just started and we will analyse it until the football situation normalizes. The championship of Turkmenistan is also renewed tomorrow, for which you will also be able to find predictions here.
The start of the South Korean championship and the Faroe Islands Premier League give us the largest amount of games since the beginning of the pandemic. This immediately affects the number of recommended predictions by Pecheli - today there are 28 opportunities. 4 Diamond picks can be found in the subscription section, and the Super VIP subscribers have received 2 matches. The Pecheli Strategy has also been updated.
Football is finally back in different parts of the world and the market offers a relatively rich program every day. Today, the second division of Israel is added to the new championships analyzed by Pecheli's tipsters. The proposed total of 25 matches from all leagues does bring some good opportunities. Our subscribers get access to 4 Diamond picks. The Pecheli Strategy has also been updated with 3 new matches after 2 consecutive winning days.
The Pecheli Strategy was outstanding with 3 out of 3 winning picks yesterday. Our tipsters successfully predicted the victories of Maccabi Petah Tikva, Leipzig and FK Kolubara. This is the third consecutive winning day for the Pecheli Strategy. Today it has been updated with three new predictions. The Diamond picks made 3 out of 4 profitable picks yesterday (we predicted the wins of Kolubara, Aarhus GF and Leipzig and our mistake was the game of Randers). The total profit is +7.79 units. Today, the market is much more difficult, with no Diamond picks. There are 4 Golden picks available.
Yesterday the winning series in our predictions continued with a 100% successful picks in the Pecheli Strategy. Our tipsters predicted correctly all 3 tips featuring the games of Brøndby IF, Austria Vienna and Ashdod. Today there are 3 new curious predictions. Despite the poor market opportunities, the Golden picks were profitable yesterday. Three of four games yielded +7.33 units profit. Today we offer predictions for as many as 63 matches, with 20 recommended picks. In the subscription section there are 9 Diamond picks, and the subscribers of Super VIP receive 2 matches.