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    2 out of 2 winning Super VIP picks yesterday, 1 new pick today (Sept 4th)

    Yesterday was a great day for our Super VIP subscribers - they got 2 out of 2 very profitable picks. The success came with the victories of Wales in the League of Nations and US Orléans in the French League Nacional. Today we offer a new Super VIP prediction. In the subscription section you can also find 5 Diamond picks.

    Plenty of predictions today, including 4 Diamond picks and 2 Super VIP picks (Sept 3rd)

    There are plenty of predictions today, although the program has seemed a bit poor. Our website subscribers have access to 4 Diamond picks and 4 Golden picks. Super VIP subscribers receive 2 picks via email.

    How does Fun88 bookmaker make money?

    One day, a friend accidentally asked me about this. Where does Fun88 dealer profits come from? With this question, I'll be happy to answer it for you too. Simply put, people just think that the house makes money by winning bets. You are right, but that is not enough. And of course, things don't stop at the house that only makes money from losing money. Usually Fun88 dealer does not have to spend too much effort and can also make tens of millions of profits because for the football bookmakers they can say they have a lot of advantages. The players who only want through wagering receive huge profits in it but they did not expect that their own stakes would fall into the pockets of the bookmakers.
    To make it easy for you to imagine, Fn88pro will list the most basic forms for you to...

    Good opportunities for our subscribers (Aug 27th)

    Today our paid subscribers have access to 4 Diamond picks and 3 Golden picks.

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