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Twitter Giveaway: Win 1-month Access to the Diamond and Golden Picks! (Jan. 15-17th).

Join our Twitter Giveaway and get a FREE 1-month subscription for our most popular paid tips - the Diamond picks and the Golden picks!All you need to do is to have a Twitter account and then follow the instructions of this tweet! Valid through Jan. 17, 23:59:59 GMT (+2).  We post exclusive betting tips on Twitter as well, so it's worth following us here: @pechelinet ?GIVEAWAY! ?We enjoy a 79% #success rate for our Diamond picks in January! Get FREE access to them now (see below).Follow us before Jan 17th., #retweet, and 5 of you will get a FREE subscription to! #bettingtips #tipsters #bettingstrategy #MUNAVL — Pecheli.NET Predictions (@pechelinet) January 15, 2022


8 Diamond Picks Today (Jan. 15th)

An abundance of predictions today: as many as 8 Diamond picks are accessible in the subscription section, as well as 9 Golden picks. The result of the month of Diamond picks so far is +44.99 units of profit, made from 19 correct out of 24 predictions (79% success rate). 6 days were 100% successful and another 4 days were without predictions. We have an update with 3 predictions for the Pecheli Strategy and a new Super VIP prediction after the great tip featuring Burkina Faso two days ago.


It Happened Again: A 100% Success Rate for the Diamond picks Yesterday (Jan. 12th)

Yesterday was another successful day with another 100% success rate achieved for our Diamond picks. We had offered 3 predictions - 1 got returned (Guinea-Bissau) and the remaining two won (Boreham Wood and Kidderminster Harriers). The total profit is +6.8 units, and the monthly statistics look better and better - 18 accurate predictions out of 21, bringing +54.99 units profit and success rate of 85%!


A 100% success rate for our Diamond picks yet again, 3 new picks today (Jan. 11th)

The magnificent series for the Diamond picks continues! Yet again, yesterday we had a 100% success rate as we predicted the only Diamond pick of the day - Senegal's victory in the Nations Cup, which came at the last second. We have had 11 days out of 11 profitable days since the beginning of 2022! We didn't have predictions for 3 days, but we reached a success rate is 100% for 5 days out of 11. The most profitable, however, have been the two days over the weekend, which brought +10.91 and +11.88 units of profit, respectively. The total statistics for January so far is 15 out of 18 correct picks with +48.19 units of profit and a success rate of 83%. Today we offer 3 Diamond picks, as well as one Super VIP pick for our subscribers. The Pecheli Strategy has also been updated.


Small Wins for All Products, the Successful Series Continues (Jan. 9th)

Yesterday we had a series of small wins for all products, and that continues our profitable series, which started at the beginning of the year. We got 4 out of 6 Diamond picks right with a profit of +10.81 units. It is also the highest profit for one day of the year due to the excellent odds. The predictions we got right were Cove, Kilmarnock, Real Sociedad and Gaziantep. The two mistakes were Galatasaray (to win a half) and Everton. In the Pecheli Strategy we had 2 out of 3 correct picks, and in Super VIP 1 out of 2 (Gaziantep correct and Cartagena incorrect). Both products have a small profit for the day. Today we have 5 Diamond picks (considering the plenty of postponed matches) and an update for the Pecheli Strategy.


A 100% success for the Diamond picks, 6 new of them today! (Jan. 8th)

The Diamond picks have continued to perform with a 100% success rate since the beginning of the year. Yesterday, for the fourth time in 2022, we got all picks right, while in the other three days there were no Diamond picks. This time we correctly predicted the games of Trabzonspor and Marseille. The total profit is +23.5 units. Today we have 6 new Diamond picks, and our Super VIP subscribers get 2 picks. The Pecheli Strategy has also been updated.


10 rules of responsible betting (Jan. 7th)

The Pecheli.NET team is committed to responsible gaming. When we publish predictions we are aware that some of the customers might have problem gambling. Therefore we offer 10 key rules to stick with so your gaming is for entertainment purposes only and it does not become a problem gambling. If you choose to gamble, do so for entertainment purposes. Treat the money you lose as the cost of your entertainment. Set a money limit and stick to it. Set a time limit and stick to it. Expect to lose. Don’t use your credit card to gamble. Create balance in your life. Don’t increase your betting to make up for the money you lost. Don’t use gambling as a way to cope with stress, loneliness, or depression. Educate yourself about problem gambling.


New success for the Diamond picks and the Super VIP subscription (Jan. 4th)

The successful run of the Diamond picks continued yesterday with a 100% success rate (3 out of 3 days in 2022). This time we predicted correctly the win of Persepolis in Iran. Even more impressive is the result in the Super VIP, where we were accurate about Athletic Bilbao's game outcome at an impressive odds of 2.50 yesterday. Today we have a new prediction for Super VIP subscribers. Athletic Bilbao was part of the 2 successful picks (out of 3) in the Pecheli Strategy yesterday. The other accurate prediction was the victory of Seville. All these predictions are available with a subscription.


100% success for the Diamond picks yet again (Jan. 3rd)

The strong start of the year continued with 100% success for our Diamond picks yesterday! This time we got 2 out of 2 predictions right, which featured the games of Atletico Madrid and ES Sétif. They brought a profit of +7.64 units. Today we offer 1 Diamond pick. As for the Super VIP subscribers, we correctly predicted the win of Valladolid, and today we give a new pick to the subscribers. We also got 2 out of 3 picks in the Pecheli Strategy. We correctly predicted that 3 English teams will win at least one half of their respective games - the teams were Everton, Leeds and Liverpool.


The years starts with a bang after a perfect December (Jan. 2nd)

Our year started with 100% success for all paid picks yesterday. Tottenham's victory against Watford was our only Diamond pick and it brought a profit of +4.27 units. We got 3 out of 3 Golden picks right (West Ham, Al Taawun and under 2.5 goals at Maccabi Netanya - Beitar). We also got 3 out of 3 in the Pecheli Strategy (Tottenham, West Ham and under 2.5 at Arsenal - Manchester City). West Ham was featured in our Super VIP prediction. We had massive success with our Diamond picks last year, by making a profit for December of +60.28 units. We got 87 out of 116 predictions right (75% success rate). Today we have 2 Diamond picks in the subscription section.