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Pecheli strategy

Pecheli strategy is among our most popular and successful products through the years. It is a progressive strategy with a target of 500 units profit and starting bank of 50 units.

We offer only bets with min. odds of 2.00.  We look for a profit after every three single bets. The strategy do not has a fixed period, but it has a target which is a profit of 1000% the initial investment. After the target is reached, the strategy starts from the beginning. The bet depends only on the state of the bank.

How it works?

We start with a bank of 50 units and our target is 500 units profit. In every bet we will risk 50% of the current bank but under specific rules:

1: We bet 50% of the current bank (first bank) not on one but on three singles with equal stakes on each.

2: We choose only matches with odds of at least 2.00.

There is also a second bank. It starts with 0 unites and works under the following rules:

1: We are not betting with the money from the second bank. It is only a reserve bank under terms and conditions and also keeps part of the profit under relative terms and conditions.

2: After every 5th bet, without regarding the profit and the state of the first bank we add 50% of the initial capital (25 units) to the second bank.

First and Second bank work between them under the following rules:

1: After 5 successful bets in a row (those with a profit) half of the units in the first bank go to the second bank.

2: After 3 negative bets in a row (with minus) or after 2 negative bets in a row all lost (all three event in the bet), half of the second bank goes to the first bank.

It is important to know that a new bet can be made only after the previous is ended and calculated as a result. If there are not enough betting object in one day (3), the bet continue on the next possible day.

  • First Bank: 10 units
  • Second Bank: 0units
  • Total Profit: 8.6 units
Bet № 6   First Bank: 0Balance: +0  
Kick-off teams Tip Un Odds Balance
1 (-0.75 AH) 10 2.08
  • Bet № 5

      16.68 units

  • Bet № 4

      9 units

  • Bet № 3

      -27 units

Bet № 2   First Bank: 0Balance: +0.72  
Kick-off teams Tip Un Odds Balance
Boavista FC
Vitória Setúbal
X 9 3.1 -9
FC Famalicão
Gil Vicente
1 (-1.0 AH) 9 2.08
RC Lens
FC Metz
1 (-0.75 AH) 9 2.08 9.72
  • Bet № 1

      9.2 units