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Limited extra offer: Get Super VIP + 1-year regular subscription for FREE till Apr 30th 2018!

Limited promo

Pecheli.NET, with the partnership of the betting exchange company Betfair, offer a great promotion for all new Betfair clients! 

In addition to the standard bonus, every new Betfair client who has registered via Pecheli.NET's link, will get a FREE 1-month Super VIP subscription* + 1-year regular subscription (access to the Diamond, Golden and Silver picks) till April 30th 2018

How to claim this offer?

Follow these simple steps:

1. Open an account at Betfair via the link we provide and make a deposit and your first bet according to the Terms & Conditions of their site. 

Make sure that you haven't clicked on any Betfair links not published on our site before signing up. It's a good practice to delete your browser "cookies" before clicking on our link. Pecheli.NET is not responsible and does not offer this promotion to registrations, made from a link different from these provided on the current website. 

2. Send to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  \nThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">
- your Betfair username and the sign-up date (example: 28/04/18)
- your Pecheli username
- the email address you'd like to get Super VIP predictions
- your name and surname.

Please use Limited Betfair promotion as title of the e-mail.

3. If you are eligible to get free subscriptions, we will contact you back. Please note that confirmation is not automatic and may take up to 10 working days.


*If you get Super VIP at a reduced price or as a FREE bonus, you will not be eligible to receive the regular ROI guarantee. 

This offer is 18+ only.

Please note that all odds are correct at time of publishing (there is a date and timestamp showing when the odds were published) and are subject to change. All kick-off times and updates are in Central European Time (CET).