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Terms and Conditions

1. With registering to the website the users agree with the Terms and Conditions of www.pecheli.net and www.pecheli.co.uk (called Website) below.

2. The Website have the rights to change, add or remove terms and conditions at any time without a prior announcement to the users. If there is a modification in the terms and conditions Website will inform only the present subscribers through their email filled in the registration form. If the subscribers continue to use their subscription will mean that they agree with the new terms and conditions. If they do not agree with the modifications they must inform about it in a written form in a 7 day term on email of the Website, published in the website. If they do not do this, the Website will accept that they agree with the modification of the terms and conditions.

3. Using the services of the Website is carried out through voluntary registration. By completing the registration form is considered that the subscribers are 18+ years of age and have consented to the processing of personal data supplied. In reference to the erroneous data the Website reserves the right to refuse or terminate subscriptions without being obliged as a party to pay back the amount of the subscription.

4. The Website is entitled to use those of users personal data solely for the purposes specified in law and terms and conditions of the website.

5. Delivered personal data are processed and stored on computer and paper. Computer programs and configurations installed, are protected by the respective methods and means.

6. The personal data may be processed with following objectives:

- service delivery;

- statistics

7. In case of disagreement about the use of his/her personal data the user must notify the Website in writing.

8. The Website undertakes not to change or reveal personal data of the website users and do not provide the information collected to third parties except in the following cases:

- there is an explicit consent from the subscriber;

- the information on the data made available to employees or subcontractors of the Website for enforcement the activities of the service;

- information is required in the prescribed by law entitled to do so by public authorities;

- the administrator is required in cases provided by law to provide personal data

9. The user provides at their own expense computer configuration, operating system and Internet access. The user provides at their own expense mobile phone type GSM and SIM-card and network connectivity with a licensed public operator. The Website is not responsible for the failure of subscribers to use the service because of those reasons here.

10. The Website reserves the right to suspend the access to the service to users who have violated the terms and conditions. This right may be exercised without a prior notice.

11. The Website provides predictions in the same day as the day when matches are played.

12. The Website bears no responsibility for the accuracy of the prediction.

13. Providing the service is not intended to be inciting any user to betting on football games or participate in any gambling activities in any country.

14. Payment of cost of service is not gambling under the law on gambling in any country.

15. User has no right to provide his/her username and password to third parties. The user account is personal, a subscription fee applies for the service from a subscriber. In the first case of using the subscription account from another user it is automatically blocked until clarification. In the latter case, the subscription account is closed, and The Website reserves the right to hold and not return the remaining amount on the chosen subscription program and to refuse a new registration of users found guilty. Users are required to seek themselves an information about blocked accounts by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

16. The Website has the rights or has exclusive power over texts and other information published on this website. Use by third parties is allowed only within the law and after prior written consent of an authorized representative of the Website or the copyright holder, and then sought payment of damages.

Please note that all odds are correct at time of publishing (there is a date and timestamp showing when the odds were published) and are subject to change.